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    A Short Film​


    a 6th Grade Music​ Video


    A Musical Performance​



    A Music Video​

    “Don’t go searching for the answers, live the questions. You live the questions and the answers will find you."


    Angela, 7th Grade


    a Commercial​

    There is an immense benefit in shaking off destructive feelings, such as anger.

    The Teenager Problem

    A Short film

    When we develop anger, the object that we feel angry at appears very negative, but actually, 90% of that negativeness is mental progression.

    The Drama Game

    A Short Film​

    Another important thing is the comfort of emptiness and the absence of independent existence, which is an idea that’s very similar to quantum physics.


    A Short Film

    We are lacking a sense of the oneness of humanity, but all religions are about the oneness of humanity.


    A Film Trailer

    We must make an effort to create happiness with humanity. That’s the best way to worship or be grateful.


    A Short Film

    We all experience the same situations. We all have a lot of problems. We all want a happy life, but sometimes emotions disturb the mind.


    Anush, 8th Grade Filmmaker

    If you consider other human beings part of the same human family, then immediately that helps our inner qualities.

    Millikan Choir Moment Capture

    We must keep our unique values. A machine can’t show affection or courage.


    A Short Film​

    Therefore, we have to think: How do we bring inner peace? We utilize intelligence.


    from short films


    A Short Film​

    War Games

    An Excerpt from a Short Film​

    Love and kindness are human values that should be prized above technology or material things.

    The Odd Class at Millikan

    A Sitcom

    We should not be slaves to the nation or to technology or material things.


    A calm mind is the basis of a moral and spiritual life practice - if it is taken seriously.

    6th Grade Dance Rehearsal

    Man’s basic nature is compassion, and his physical condition is very much related to his peace of mind.

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  • A | N A R R A T I V E | A R T PROGRAM

    filmmaking, photography, acting, media analysis, writing

  • Narratives are the Foundation of Culture.

    Class Activities: Analyze, Write, Create, Collaborate, Plan, Produce, Act, Direct, Capture, Light, Photograph, Edit. Where Students Learn by Doing.

    Louis de Barraicua


    Louis De Barraicua entered filmmaking as an award-winning fiction writer from USC. He started started making 2-3 narrative short films per year about ten years ago. His instruction focuses on teaching the basic storytelling elements that use the classical formula with a heroic character that overcomes difficult obstacles to eventually triumph. In class, the focus is on creating backstories for characters as a launching point for creating a story that focuses on visual storytelling and that focuses on using natural sounding dialogue that enables actors to deliver realistic on-screen performances.


    Though just an amateur photographer, Louis De Barraicua focuses developing the visual aesthetics of student films by dedicating at least one day of instruction per week to image composition (cinematography).


    One of the main focuses of the program for students is to learn a creative process that allows students to develop their raw ideas into an organized blueprint for a film. If students meet the qualifying behavior and pre-production portfolio requirements by a specified date, they are put into a film group. Learning to collaborate to produce short film is often one of the greatest challenges students encounter during the semester. In the Advanced Program, students actually make their films (not the parents) during class with a zero dollar budget and often challenging circumstances. To screen for students who do not contribute or have the needed work effort, qualifications have be set in place to maximize the success of film groups.


    The films that meet the specifications of the film rubric and have appropriate content are shown at school-wide assemblies. A handful of our films have been invited by local promoters seeking high quality content for their film festivals. Recently, our film "Sunny" won "The Best Experimental Film" and "The Drama Game" and "Air" were selections at the Comic-Con-based International Children's Film Festival and the LA Shorts Film Festival at LA LIVE! by the Staples Center.


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